Indian Folk art Illustration
Folk art for Chapter 11 of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita
If a thousand suns were to blaze forth together in the sky, they would not match the splendor of that great form.
Then, Arjun, full of wonder and with hair standing on end, bowed his head before the Lord and addressed Him, with folded hands
(Chapter 11, Verses 12 and 14)
Kirshna's Vishwaroop Darshan I have attempted in Kalamkari art style which is an Indian folk art form from the state of Andhra Pradesh. 
 Krishna reveals himself as the Supreme Being and finally displays his Vishvarupa to Arjuna
The art and the artist :)
The book was launched by Tamil Nadu Governor on May 26, 2023 at the C-20 / G 20 summit in Mahabalipuram.
That's me receiving the book from Shri R. N. Ravi, Tamil Nadu Governor along with Swami Mitrananda ji, head of Chinmaya Mission Chennai. The next photo is me with the team.
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