4 Reason why you should not DIY!
Business owners often can be reluctant in spending on professional logo design so they either DIY or get it done by amateurs at a cheap cost. You may think that’s the right way as it saves money and is just good enough to get started. While considering all the complexities and efforts which go into starting a new business, investing time and money on a professional logo seems to be the last priority. Although this might help temporarily in saving money, it also brings in a lot of lapse in brand building efforts.
Not all logos can drive people’s attention towards the brand. It is only a nicely designed professional logo which can evoke curiosity in the audience’s mind to know more about the brand. A logo is a symbolic representation of your brand which is more likely to be remembered than its name. A logo isn’t merely a combination of fonts, shapes and colours.
If you’re a small business owner, you are probably willing to do as many things as DIY to keep the costs low. But, when it comes to branding, it is best to leave it to the experts.
 4 reasons why you need a professional logo designer:
1. Finding inspiration for your design:Your brand is judged just by the logo. You have only 2 seconds to make an impression and tickle a curiosity in a consumer's mind - experienced designers know that. It’s only an expert who can help you create a logo which represents brand core values in an interesting way which can inspire people.
2. Industry standards: Logo designed by a professional will be at par with the industry standards since it's designed keeping the competitors in mind. A professional logo stands out from the rest and gives a strong first impression.
3. Choose your design style: Choosing Colour, shapes and typography are the essentials of a logo design. They are to be used in a way which makes the logo unique, adaptable and also communicates the brand's core values. When it comes to the design style, it is best when they are left for the experts.
4. The Right logo: Designing a logo is not an overnight task. It takes days or even weeks to make a logo. At Buho Studios we ensure to deliver the right logo for every business. We pay attention particularly on picking the right colour and typography to create a unique brand and brand identity. 
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